Welcome to Voice & Strings Teaching & Entertainment Services


My Mission


To provide musical Training & Entertainment for all ages, to a level that see's all clients feeling confident and assured on a professional or personal level.


My Journey/Philosophy

Life presents great challenges of which all of us have to face.  What I have come to find over time is a passion for music. 

  • Do you love to sing?
  • Do you love the feeling that music and melodies bring to your sense of wellbeing?

If so, can you imagine the pleasure that playing an instrument or singing could bring to you personally?


Share  a range of musical learning experiences through Guitar, Singing  or Keyboard, and enjoy the pleasure you can bring into your life and furthermore share with many others.


My journey has led me to what I have become, and what I choose to do today.  Throughout my life, my intention is to help as many people as I can; understand why they are here, and help unearth their true potential.


Become the person you want to be, unlock the musician inside you. 

Your thoughts become you, so think big – dream big and the rest will follow. 


Contact Michelle and find out how Voice & Strings can help you “Move Forward and Stand Tall”, whether it be for yourself, your friend, partner or your children.  A tailored plan in Guitar, Singing, Keyboard or Performance Training can be implemented to help you gain clarity and regain your sense of power.                          


Michelle Heinrich Freeman

Proprietor – Voice & Strings