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  What The Music Business Provides



  As a qualified trainer in Certificate IV   Training & Assessment, Diploma in

  Music, Working with Children Check,

  current Level II First Aid Certificate,

  and a passion for music with years of   professional performance history,

  Michelle provides:


  Guitar Lessons:

  To children, and special needs

  children, being her specialty. Adults

  also welcomed.






Fixed Guitar Lessons: 

Includes basic fundamental musical theory training. This understanding offers a foundation for greater opportunities in future music education and a greater respect within the music industry.


Singing Lessons:

Focus is on Technique, Anatomy of the Voice, voice placement, diction and Performance Training.  Enjoy your voice and increase your vocal range by learning correct use of your vocal cords, making your singing experience near effortless.


Frontline Performance Training

Learn skills to make you look like a star.  This is a great confidence booster and is excellent for personal development and self-satisfaction, building character in both social and professional rolls.


Flexi Learning:

Michelle will tailor a learning program to suit your specific needs.  You tell us your needs and we deliver the learning plan that’s right for you!


Keyboard Lessons

MSL - Music as a Second Language with Common Theory practices and techniques.


End of Year Performance:

Students that are interested are given the opportunity to showcase their talent and perform.


Certificate of Achievement:

Promotes confidence, incentive and a sense of achievement, also keeping record of your musical knowledge.


Musical Workshops:

Go to the Disability Workshop Page for details


Voice & Strings Entertainment Duo, Trio & Band

Go to the Entertainment Page for details


Eastern Community Choir Group - (VSECC)

Go to the VSECC Page for details.







If you would like to register for lessons please call Michelle on 0416 302 963 or you can download the Registration Form and we will return your call to discuss any questions you may have.


If you are registering mid Term you will obviously not be required to pay the full Term fees.  Please click on *Registration Form* in green to download your copy of the Voice & Strings School of Music *Registration Form*








Wesley Mission - Croydon



Melba Services - Mt. Evelyn



Why Choose Voice & Strings School of Music

Voice and Strings is a unique, flexible learning program, designed to deliver training to many different levels of ability.  It is understood at Voice and Strings that learning is not a “one size fits all”.  All levels of comprehension are welcome and accepted from beginner to advanced.


Enjoy the journey and unleash the dream that awaits you.  Start today; it is only you who can make it happen.



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Why Teach?

I have designed much of my training methods around simplicity for all ages and all abilities.  A challenging guitar program is also available for the advanced.


As a generation we are subjected to a great array of social media of which fragments much of our ability to express ourself.  We can become withdrawn and confused about our identity and our given right to be individual.  When I teach my students, I do so with this in mind.


My intention is to teach, inspire and enjoy.  Music is fun, satisfying and pleasing to the soul.  Watch as you, or your child shines like never before, through a variety of joyful musical learning experiences.









Voice & Strings Tuition Times

Open 3 days a week, Monday - Wednesday.


Primary School, Pre School, Disability Facility bookings

Available during the day, by demand and by request.



Free Lessons

Interested in a free lesson? Refer a Friend:

If you are happy with your Voice & Strings lessons then tell your friends about it!  Each time you refer a friend whom then begins lessons you will receive one complimentary lesson absolutely free.  Remember to tell your friend to mention your name when they come in for their first lesson and a complimentary gift voucher for one free lesson will be yours in appreciation and in exchange for your referral.



Voice & Strings Price List

Private Guitar - Singing & Keyboard Lessons

1 x (One on One Guitar Lesson Child & Adullt)


1 x (One on One Guitar - Child & Adult)


30 min Session


30 min Session

1hr Session






1 x Group Guitar Lesson of 3 or 4 students40 min session$25.00 p/p


Keyboard - MSL

Group Class of 8 Beginners




1 hour session








Special Need Facility and Pre School Workshops

Groups of 10 Percussive Interactive60 min (10 x $10)Minimum Cost - Total  $100.00
Groups of 20 Percussive Interactive60 min (20 x $9.50)Minimum Cost - Total  $190.00


Primary School - Guitar or Singing Tuition

Class of 3 or 4 Beginners aged (6-8) and (9-11)30 minutes$NEG - p/p


All Lessons are paid for per Term unless otherwise arranged.  Mid Term Registrations are welcomed and will not be required to pay a full Term payment.



Move Forward and Stand Tall!


Your fun & exciting journey into music is about to begin, only you can make it happen  ~





A few years ago, I bought a guitar with the plan to teach myself or learn from the internet.  4 years later, I dusted it off and decided to get professional help. 


Michelle, at Voice & Strings specially customised a series of lessons to support my existing knowledge of music.  She took the time to find out exactly what my goals were and made sure the lesson content was relevant to my goals.  Her friendly, easy-going nature made learning the guitar an enjoyable experience. 


I'm so proud of what I have been able to achieve and I would highly recommend Michelle as a guitar teacher.


Belinda Whelan


My daughter started guitar lessons with Michelle 3 months ago.  To be honest at first I was apprehensive about the cost of both the lessons and the added expense of the guitar, not to mention the fact that Gabby has tried a few extra curricula activities where she soon lost interest. 


However, Gabby had taken to the guitar with such enthusiasm and dedication I am thankful we decided to give it a go.  I am truly surprised at how quickly a child can learn the guitar. It is a real pleasure to have Gabby sitting in the kitchen practicing her songs…it sounds great. 


Michelle is not only a wonderful and very patient teacher but also a brilliant role model. 


Thank you Michelle!

Anissa Mann


My son, 10 year old Ethan has always wanted to play the guitar.  


Ethan has Down Syndrome so although I wanted him to learn this instrument I was very concerned about who I would get to teach him.   It would have to be someone who would be patient and give him the time he needs.  I was very happy when I found Michelle and she was willing to teach him.  I and my family are very happy that Ethan is learning an instrument he loves with a teacher who has all the patience and skill that is needed. 


Michelle has been wonderful in understanding Ethan’s needs and making his lessons very enjoyable.


Fiona Evans


My daughter commenced guitar lessons with “Voice & Strings” earlier this year and thanks to Michelle’s patient and enthusiastic teaching methods, she has come a long way in a short time.    The environment in which the class takes place is peaceful and professional and extremely welcoming.  My daughter has found a passion for music and wants to practise and continue to learn the many techniques made available to her. 


Michelle provides her students with appropriate written material to take home so they can continue to learn and practice in their own time, ready to advance in the following lesson. Her knowledge is exceptional and she has a great way of passing this onto her students in a simple and practical manner that allows the kids to have fun whilst learning.


Thanks Michelle for giving my daughter a passion that I hope will continue to grow as she does!!!

Simone Brown